Words Change Worlds
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When teaching grade one I noticed how language - specifically learning to read and write - empowered students. This idea has captivated me since."


How do words change worlds?
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Book Review & Teacher Ideas
Books have the power to engage and entertain, inspire and inform. I use picture books and novels as mentor texts for most of my writing lessons. Visit often: I will highlight a favourite children's book (new or old), write a short review and suggest a teaching connection. 

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Join me in my quest to change the world through words. Check back each week to find new ideas for both teachers and parents. 
Whale in a Fishbowl by Troy Howell and Richard Jones
If you’re looking for a new book to teach word choice and sentence fluency, try Whale in a Fishbowl

        “Everything circled around her. 
        People – flurrying, hurrying, worrying. 
        Traffic – wheeling, pealing, squealing.” 

This book may also lead to an interesting conversation about animals in captivity!